ecdM Technical Services team offers complete project management services from the planning phase to the performance review for our client’s operations. We leverage an unmatched portfolio of technologies and software with a multi-discipline team with domestic and global experience in MPD & Drilling Fluids.

Technical Services

ecdM engineers first seek to understand the needs and risks present in a planned well to deliver a comprehensive drilling solution. Working with customer drilling engineers, we analyze various drilling scenarios to determine the optimal pressure limits, fluid hydraulics, and mud weights for a given well. This analysis forms an engineered basis of design, including drilling procedures, contingencies, and required training.


One of the greatest strengths of our Technical Services team is the fact that our people are proficient in both MPD and Drilling Fluids disciplines. By combining our team’s in depth product knowledge and technical proficiency in both drilling fluids and MPD we can offer a streamlined approach to the project management process.


In order to deliver accurate solutions our Technical Services team uses a, proven suite of software resources, VirtualHydraulics and DrillBench drilling fluid software are used to evaluate and design critical hydraulics and fluids properties. DrillPlan is used for pre-planning and end of well reporting to ensure learnings are captured and applied to subsequent wells. With powerful software and years of experience, ecdM enables customers to turn many decisions from reactive to proactive.


Our Remote Engineering Center, can integrate all aspects of a project, from well planning, operations, evaluation, optimization and review. The real-time feedback available in this center can enable collaboration amongst teams at the wellsite and at the office, reducing the field personnel requirement